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The Ultimate FishThe Ultimate Fish
My life with a transsexual hooker in
Honolulu’s Chinatown, a love story is available from Kindle.
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Takes its title from a chapter in a book long out of print, his bestselling ELVIS: THE FINAL YEARS. It reveals how the king of rock and roll, while stoned out of his gourd on a variety of prescription drugs, requested and got an audience with then President Richard Nixon, during which his offered to help in the war on drugs. is available from Kindle.
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Ganbei!Behind Closed Doors
brings together a dozen articles published in what is now called a “golden age of Asian travel,” ranging widely in both subject and geography. The title story, which translates as “empty cup,” is the standard Chinese toast before drinking and it tells how the author got into trouble doing just that is available from Kindle.
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Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors
An updated epilog for the bestselling biography of Jim Morrison, commissioned by the original publisher after more than 30 years in print, was blocked from becoming an e-book by the surviving Doors and the widow of co-author Danny Sugerman. The epilog, along with the story how that happened is available from Kindle.
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Romancing the EastRomancing The East
Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad, Pearl S. Buck, Somerset Maugham, Graham Greene, Michael Crichton and James Clavell are but some of the masterful writers who have been seduced by the mystery and romance of Asia---and who, in turn, have seduced all of us with their classic novels set in exotic Eastern locales. In this new book, an irreverent look at the writers and the works responsible for conjuring up the concept of Asia in the imagination of modern readers. Some of these famous authors actually lived in Asia for extended periods and came to know the region well; others came as visitors or tourists; some never visited at all. Their portrayals of Asian lands, peoples and customs are a mixture of personal experiences, creative fabrications and cultural myths. Link to purchase at

The Hula(Reprint)
An illustrated large format history.
The book will be available in early 2012.
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Don Ho: My music my life
"In the early Summer of 2006, Don Ho employed two young women to record and transcribe some of the stories of his life. The idea was that the two-hundred-plus, double-spaced pages that resulted might be used in a book or provide background material for a film. When it was determined that more work was required, in the Spring of 2007 Don sat patiently for numerous additional interviews in what turned out to be---to the day---the final month of his life. In fact, some of Don's recollections of his early days in Waikiki were recorded as he relaxed with his wife Haumea and friends following what turned out to be his last performance. I left for my home in Thailand the next morning and before my plane landed, he had died. Published by Watermark Publishing in Honolulu, 2009. Link to purchase at

Elvis: The Biography
Jerry’s two classic studies of Elvis Presley, long out of print, have been brought back to the marketplace in a single volume, updated to include a new last chapter describing the events of the past 30 years since the singer died and examining how he became No. 1 on Forbes magazine’s list of Richest Dead Celebrities five years in a row. Publisher: Plexus Publishing, London, 2007. Link to purchase at

Asian Aphrodisiacs
From Bangkok to Beijing--the Search for the Ultimate Turn-on. Publisher: Periplus Editions, 2006
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The Showman of the Pacific
As-told-to autobiography of a Hawaii promoter and radio personality. Publisher: Watermark Publishing, Honolulu, December 2005. Link to purchase at

Bangkok Babylon
26 profiles of expatriates living in Thailand, including a self-portrait. Publisher: Periplus Editions, Singapore, 2005. Link to purchase at

Thailand Confidential
Essays and stories about life in Thailand
Publisher: Periplus Editions, Singapore, 2005. Link to purchase at

In the Name of the Boss Upstairs.
Authorized biography of Fr. Ray Brennan. Publisher: Thomas J. Vincent Foundation, Honolulu, 2004. Link to purchase at Father Ray Foundation

Extreme Cuisine: The Weird & Wonderful Foods That People Eat
Publisher: Periplus Editions, 2004 . Link to purchase at

Elvis In Hawaii
Picture Book With Text. Publisher: Bess Press, Honolulu, 2002. Link to purchase at

No One Here Gets Out Alive
Biography Of Jim Morrison. Publisher: Warner Books, New York, 1980. Link to purchase at

The Lizard King
Biography Of Jim Morrison With Essential Interviews. Publisher: Plexus Publishing, London, 1992. Link to purchase at

Frank Delima's Joke Book
Collaboration With Humorist. Publisher: Bess Press, Honolulu, 1991. Link to purchase at

Strange Foods: Bush Meat, Bats And Butterflies, An Epicurean Adventure Around The World
Collaboration With Photographer Michael Freeman, A Large Format Look At Exotic Foods. Publisher: Periplus Editions, Singapore, 1999. Link to purchase at


Bare Feet & Good Things To Eat
As-told-to autobiography of health faddist Gypsy Boots. Publisher: Virg Nover Press, Los Angeles,1965

You Were Born On A Rotten Day
Co-authored with Jim Critchfield, an astrological spoof. Publisher: Price/Stern/Sloan, Los Angeles, 1969

The Rock Story
History of rock and roll. Publisher: Signet, New York, 1970

Groupies & Other Girls
Co-authored with John Burks. Publisher: Bantam, New York, 1970

Elvis: A Biography
First Elvis Biography
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, New York, 1971

The Last Sex Manual
Co-authored with Dr. Ron Pion, a guide to behavior modification. Publisher: Wyden Press, New York, 1978

The Hula
An illustrated large format history. Publisher: Apa Publications, Singapore, 1981

Elvis: The Final Years
Sequel covering Elvis's final years.
Publisher: St. Martinâs Press, New York, 1981

Hit & Run: The Jimi Hendrix Story
Publisher: Perigee Books, New York, 1983; Updated and published as the JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, Arcade Books, New York , 1996

A biography. Publisher: Macmillan, New York, 1985

Fax To Da Max
Co-authored with illustrator Doug "Peppo" Simonson, humorous trivia. Publisher: Bess Press, Honolulu, 1985

Yoko Ono
A biography. Publisher: Macmillan, New York, 1986

The L.A. Book Of Lists
Humorous trivia. Publisher: Price/Stern/Sloan, Los Angeles, 1987

Vinny: Part II
The Habilitat story, story of a drug rehab program.
Publisher: Vvm Inc., Kaneohe, Hi, 1987

Fax 2 Da Max
More humorous trivia. Publisher: Bess Press, Honolulu, 1988

How To Make Your Own Hawaiian Musical Instruments
Collaboration with artist Martin Charlot. Publisher: Bess Press, Honolulu, 1988

The Westin Maui
Large format hotel book. Publisher: Hemmeter Publishing Co., Honolulu, 1989

Kauai Lagoon
Large format hotel book. Publisher: Hemmeter Publising Co., Honolulu, 1990

50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save Hawaii
Collaboration with Susan Manuel, Environment Guidebook. Publisher: Bess Press, Honolulu, 1990


The Condom
Its Life and Hard Times: illustrated history

A Biography of Raquel Welch

Fasi, Hemmeter, Rewald, Wyland (& Me)
Profiles of Hawaii celebrities

The Hmong: Surviving Against the Odds
An illustrated ethnographic history of the hilltribe